Specialized payment orchestration platform designed for

An end-to-end omnichannel travel payment management platform.

Connect your travel distribution channels with payments, risk management, FX services and your back-office systems through one unified infrastructure. Increased transparency of the whole payment life cycle and advanced data insights allow you to optimize your payment strategy, reducing cost while creating an optimized customer journey to maximize revenues.


Connected Partners

Single platform to orchestrate both B2C and B2B payments

Expand globally with localized customer experience

To make it easier to enter new markets with a customer-centric approach, FinMont offers a simple solution to add new Payment Service Providers (PSP), alternative payment options, Multi-Currency Pricing (MCP) & Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), as well as local language features.

Improve fraud and chargeback management

FinMont connects you to the best fraud and chargeback management providers in the travel industry, allowing you to reduce fraud while optimizing acceptance rates.

Reduce overall payment costs and improve authorization rates

Combining insights across every aspect of your payment costs with transaction success rates helps fine-tune your payment supplier strategy. Transactions are automatically routed to the most optimal payment provider. Retry logic further increases the likelihood of a successful authorization.

Unify payment related data and reconciliation activities

FinMont provides end-to-end sales and payment data across all your travel distribution channels, in both card-present and card-not-present environments. This is paramount to ensuring you have received the exact revenue for the services you have sold, directly into your bank account. A unified, customizable dashboard gives you real-time insights into each of your transactions and enables end-to-end reconciliation.

Automate supplier payments​

Automate your supplier payments through FinMont’s pay-out module, which offers an extensive range of pay-out options like virtual cards. Smart rules allow you to optimize your cash-flow while reducing payment costs and keeping good relationships with your suppliers.

Our Co-Founders and CEO have extensive
travel industry experience

Our Co-Founders, Hans Nolte and Nikolaus Gormsen, are the owners of Hahn Air and have a track record of success and 80 years of combined experience in the travel sector. Hahn Air has more than 350 airline partners, and over 100,000 travel agencies use Hahn Air’s services globally.

Our CEO, Dr. Suby Valluri, is a software engineer and economist with 15 years of working experience in the travel, payments, and eCommerce sectors. Because he has a unique set of skills, he helps us come up with new and useful ways to meet the payment needs of the travel industry.

FinMont has been developed to address genuine issues in the travel and hospitality sectors. Our industry experience is fueling the success of our customers.

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