Finmont Announces Partnership with Leading AI Solution To Automate Chargeback Disputes

FinMont, has announced a new partnership with leading AI solution for handling chargeback disputes, Justt. The partnership will amplify FinMont’s unique global payment ecosystem and offer airlines and merchants an advanced automated solution to defend against chargeback issues.

Justt offers an AI solution that turns the frustratingly labor-intensive manual process of chargeback handling into automated convenience and allows merchants to focus on the customer relationship and not the payment dispute. Meanwhile, the AI solution utilizes the vast amount of data generated by transactions and the chargeback process to continuously improve its performance in winning payment disputes.

The FinMont platform aims to revolutionise payments by seamlessly connecting multiple banks and providers through one simple gateway. It also aims to improve payment authorisation and conversion rates and by utilising its partnership with Justt to offer merchants the most advanced solution to defend chargebacks.

Suby Valluri, CEO of FinMont, commented, “We are delighted to partner with Justt and incorporate their cutting-edge service into our global eco-system. They are true market leaders in automated chargeback solutions and by utilising their advanced AI we believe this will ensure we offer our merchants the very best service. As part of our global strategy, we will be integrating with leading banks, payment, fraud and other providers to offer a truly unique solution to the travel industry.”

“Justt is thrilled to collaborate with FinMont, which has pioneered a one-of-a-kind, holistic payment solution uniquely designed to address the challenges and needs of the travel industry,” said Renata Caine, Chief Commercial Officer at Justt. “Our joint customers will not only tap into the best technology and expertise in chargeback mitigation but also benefit from an integrated global payment ecosystem that gives them a competitive edge.”

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FinMont partners with Justt to automate chargeback disputes – ThePaypers

FinMont partners with Justt to automate chargeback disputes (

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