How can Payments give you the competitive edge?

Historically airlines and merchants have seen the process of payments purely as a function and a cost rather than an opportunity to give them a significant advantage over their competitors. In recent years, payments have become very localised and have transformed from just a function into a strategic differentiator that helps drive growth, elevate the customer experience, and optimise costs.

Currently, many airlines and agents also lose customers in the buying process due to only being able to offer limited payment methods and alarming some have even relied on only one payment provider, which is a high-risk strategy and can have huge consequences, especially if there is any downtime. It also hugely impacts the customer experience causing shopping cart abandonment and massively reducing sales conversion.

Across many sectors, we have seen that offering a seamless payment solution can produce dominant players and market leaders. For example, a huge factor in Uber’s success can be attributed to its simple, quick and ultimately invisible payment experience. The travel industry can now utilise payments in a similar way to maximise its business growth strategy and elevate the customer experience.

The Payment Orchestration solutions offered by the Finmont platform allow travel merchants to execute a payment strategy seamlessly with a single integration while managing every country they operate in separately.

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