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How can we optimize your customer experience?
How can we optimize your fraud and chargeback management?
How can we optimize your payment cost and authorization rate?
How can we optimize your reconciliation and data insights?
How can we optimize your supplier payments?

How can we optimize your customer experience?

To create a great customer payment experience, it’s important to localize your service at every level, starting with the offered payment methods as well as with the currency and language options. Offering localized services has proven to increase basket size and conversion. It is a genuine competitive advantage over providers with a “one size fits all”, global approach.

There are hundreds of local payment methods available around the world, making it difficult for travel merchant chose the best approach.

FinMont’s payment orchestration platform allows them to dynamically present the market-relevant payment methods for the displayed transaction currency, in the selected language.

Offering multi-currency options (MCP and DCC) give travelers the choice to change the transaction currency, further increasing the look-to-book ratio. Our currency risk management partners help minimize potential currency exchange exposures by guaranteeing the exact exchange rate between the authorization transaction and final settlement of funds, one or more days later.

The modular payment orchestration platform from FinMont gives travel merchants all the tools they need to plan and execute a global payment strategy for a better customer experience and more revenue.

How can we optimize your fraud and
chargeback management?

According to IBM research, the travel and tourism sector is the second most targeted industry by cybercriminals, leading to both, reputational and monetary loss.

FinMont’s payment orchestration platform is PCI Level 1 compliant and connected to some of the best fraud and chargeback management providers in the travel industry. The AI supported platforms allow you to reduce fraud while keeping false positives to a minimum.

Handling payment disputes effectively is paramount to ensure a maximized win rate. Uploading the required evidence however is often a manual and time-consuming task for travel merchants, which can be a huge operational burden.

FinMont can automate the chargeback process, utilizing AI-powered tools that automatically retrieve the relevant information from the booking tools and forward them to the appropriate payment acquirer.

How can we optimize your payment cost and
authorization rate?

Optimizing your payment routing is a key component of every payment strategy. Selecting the right set of payment components from the providers at your disposal has a significant influence on payment costs and transaction success rates. Retry logic for transactions with certain decline codes as well as a fail-over logic further increase the likelihood of a successful transaction.

FinMont’s payment orchestration platform makes the management of a multi-acquirer payment strategy easy, with clear visualizations tools and workflows. Using the customer’s location, the chosen payment method as well as data from past payment transactions, our AI models can predict the payment cost and authorization rate of each routing option. The resulting model is continuously validated and updated to cater for changes in the market.

How can we optimize your reconciliation and data insights?

End-to-end payment reconciliation is key to ensure expected revenues from each sales transaction make it to the travel provider’s bank account in the expected time frame and currency.

FinMont’s payment orchestration reconciles sales data and accounting information with payment transaction data from both, direct and indirect sales channels, along with B2B supplier payments. It automatically spots potential revenue leakages at any point in the financial flow. A unified reconciliation dashboard helps identify and resolve issues quickly and easily.

Connecting all the data points from the different payment channels can give you meaningful insights to help you make sound payment strategy decisions, turn them into actions and reach your strategic business goals.

How can we optimize your
supplier payments?

Supplier payments are a major pain point in the travel eco system. Automating pay-outs through a variety of global payment tools allows travel merchants not only to reduce costs, manual work and potential for errors, but also to optimize their cashflow, while maintaining a healthy supplier relationship.

FinMont’s payment orchestration platform reconciles invoices from suppliers with data from the ERP system and automatically pushes payments at the right time through the right payment method, such as bank transfers, Virtual Credit Cards (VCC) or push-to card payments.

Rules for payments to hospitality chains, for example, can be set to use VCCs and to be triggered only after receiving an invoice from the supplier.

Our Co-Founders and CEO have extensive travel industry experience

Our Co-Founders, Hans Nolte and Nikolaus Gormsen, are the owners of Hahn Air and have a track record of success and 80 years of combined experience in the travel sector. Hahn Air has more than 350 airline partners, and over 100,000 travel agencies use Hahn Air’s services globally.

Our CEO, Dr. Suby Valluri, is a software engineer and economist with 15 years of working experience in the travel, payments, and eCommerce sectors. Because he has a unique set of skills, he helps us come up with new and useful ways to meet the payment needs of the travel industry.

FinMont has been developed to address genuine issues in the travel and hospitality sectors. Our industry experience is fueling the success of our customers.


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